Reasons to Join KW

KW Business Model

Gary Keller designed a genius business model that focuses on building the business of the agent, not the company. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent model will allow agents the opportunity for maximizing growth/profits and building passive income.

Best Commission Split

All our agents, no matter the experience, will have the same commission split; 70/30 with a cap (maximum amount taken out during a given year). This Market Center cap is determined by associate vote (the agents are treated as stakeholders), based on operating expenses and economic conditions for that specific KW market center. The cap allows agents to know exactly what they will pay the office each year so there are no surprises when it comes to paying the broker. Once the cap is reached, the agent is at 100% for the remainder of their fiscal year.

Profit Sharing/
Retirement Plan

Keller Williams Realty’s profit sharing model provides a financial plan for Keller Williams’ agents and associates, to continue to receive money long after they retire. Here’s how it works, you meet people in your business as a real estate agent who are interested in joining the real estate industry  or an agent with another company. By introducing them to Keller Williams you have the opportunity to share in the profits that agent brings to the office. The more people you bring to Keller Williams, the more profits you share. After 3 years the profits continue to come in for your lifetime and is even willable to your heirs!

Real Estate Training

We take your career seriously. We don’t believe in learning for knowing’s sake; we believe in learning for earning’s sake. That’s why no matter where you are in your career – whether you’re just starting out, or you’re already a power producer — our training curriculum gives you real strategies and tools that you can put into practice immediately. The superior up-to-date training opportunities at Keller Williams Realty will ignite the business of any professional agent. Many programs are designed based on production levels and strategies to reach the next level in building a Millionaire Real Estate business.

Keller Williams is a company built around the success of its agents. Make the switch today!